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Primal AI + Social Media

Find relevant content. Make meaningful connections.

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With over 3 billion social media accounts active around the world*, it can be difficult for marketers to curate the right content for their audience.

Leading brands and organizations understand the necessity of ensuring their social content is relevant, on-brand, and meaningful to their audience. Primal AI makes it possible for marketers with small teams to do the same, while handling the large scope of other priorities necessary in their role.

*Source: Hootsuite 2018 Q4 Digital Statshot

How can Primal AI help your social media team?

  1. Extend your reach and gain followers by consistently engaging with your social media followers automatically.
  2. Focus your efforts on other tasks while Primal AI automatically identifies relevant and on-brand content for you to post on your social media.

How can Primal AI help your Business?

Primal AI’s Intelligent Assistant for Twitter analyzes tweets from your followers and understands the true meaning and context of the post.

Primal AI then curates and recommends new content based on what your follower tweeted. When your customers’ tweets are related to your brand, Primal AI will find a relevant article and tweet it back in response, making a meaningful connection with your audience.

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About Primal AI

Primal AI develops custom artificial intelligence solutions for our clients. We are a team of data scientists and developers focused on applying AI and machine learning to today’s business problems by making unstructured data actionable.

From content recommendation, sentiment analysis, social media automation, to ad targeting, Primal AI can develop custom solutions for your enterprise’s needs. If you have a data project in mind, contact us today.

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